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Tcheco is back! After visiting the Castle of Lucio it's time for another herculean journey riding his shiny new skate.

Be prepared to survive even crazier stages! The challenge is also bigger, that's why Tcheco now is able to perform deadly attacks.
Smash, pulverize and destroy - but never lose that gorgeous smile!

Soon in digital format and physical NES cartridges!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tags8-Bit, Homebrew, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Pixel Art

Download demo

Skatemasta - Tcheco (Demo v1.0).zip 129 kB

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So cool!! Love seeing modern retro games and I'm looking forward to the release =)

Thank you. I'm working hard on it

thx it´s so great, make first runs and send a request on speedrun.com


All stand up and give applause to this great programmer and artist: Parisoft !! Receive our congrats and gratitude for all your passion to dedicate awesome masterpiece games ! A full demo game play in your honor.

Thank you for the kind words 

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gostei da jogabilidade, graficos,musicas, cores, muito semelhante a versão ps4, mas não esqueci do SFII edição nostalgica, faz um tempo que a pagina não abre, você apagou?

Tive que tirar porque estava tentado falar com a CAPCOM

e então conseguiu falar com a capcom? e o que deu vai lançar oficialmente, mas caso não pode ser um jogo de fã para fã, não desista

do you have a Demo reddy? i must play this game,it looks so greate cant wait ;)

Not yet, I'll put it here when it's finished. Stay tuned!

Hope there will be a physical through Broke Studio like with La Abby Des Morts.

For sure


Hi, Parisoft.Is there is a demo version to download?

Not yet. I have plans to do so, very soon!

Great ! Count with NES & SNES CONNECTION to help in some way to publish your game. It would be my honor again if you wish so.

do you have news, iam hyped ;)

I'm working in the boss right now. Soon we gonna have a playable demo.


porte fiel ao PS4 muito bom, veja comparação

Muito legal o vídeo. Obrigado pela divulgação.

eu achei incrivel esse porte por isso fiz o comparativo, você tira leite de pedra no 8Bit, o que ouve com a pagina SF2? tentei abrir mas deu erro


love the video, looks really great

really looking forward to this one!

This looks great. Love the chunky sprites!

I glad you liked